Utility Mapping

The purpose of a Utility Survey is to detect and record the position, depth and route of buried services and utilities using a range of techniques such as GPR, Radio Frequency Detection (EML) and Cover Lifting.

Vantage Utility Connections carry out surveys in line with PAS 128 specifications, by level 3 qualified utility surveyors, which allows a consistent approach to data capture and detecting services. All surveys are carried out using Electromagnetic Detection Methods and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) using the latest technologies. The surveys are presented using Auto CAD (PDF if required) and delivered to a high standard

Surveys by Vantage Utility Connections look for Water, Power, Gas, Telecommunications, Fibre Optics, District Heating, Drainage and other Sub-surface features such as Voiding and Obstructions including Foundations, Tanks and Concrete.

Underground Mapping helps Design Risk out of Projects to:

  • Decrease risk of harm & injury to persons
  • Decrease risk of damaging buried apparatus
  • Meet CDM and HSG47
  • Minimise disruption & inconvenience to general public
  • Minimise project delays& reduce costs
  • Understand service diversion needs
  • Pin-point invasive investigation requirements
  • Negate unnecessary excavations

Advantages of an Underground Utility Mapping Survey:

  • Ground Penetrating Radar Data
  • Cross referenced against Statutory Records
  • Permanent record at a single point in time
  • Manhole Photo Schedules & Reports on request

Drawings provide:


Type of Service


Chamber Extents


Diameter & Depths of Services


Extents & Depths of Anomalous Areas

Above all Underground Mapping reduces risk to those who dig and minimises disruption of the general public.