If you are developing a site that has existing utility supplies and require an increase or decrease in the load or the service needs relocating then Vantage Utility Connections can arrange this for you.

This can be required for ‘change of use of premises, for example, a take away becoming a domestic property might require the electric supply decreasing from a three-phase supply to a single-phase supply. Or the other way around, a domestic property becoming a commercial property might need an increase in gas and electricity supplies. If you do require an increase/decrease in supply please complete the relevant application available on the website.

A diversion might be needed if you are planning an extension or building on the route of an existing service. Whichever service it is will need to be diverted before the building can commence. If you require Vantage Utility Connections to arrange your diversion please complete the relevant application form available on the website.

Gas and Water Pipes